Want to pass down your hobby in crossbow hunting to your children? The Horton Eagle crossbow is a good choice to be the first crossbow you give to your children. Archery is an inseparable part of human history and it should be passed down to the next generation. The Horton Eagle Crossbow is intended to be an introductory crossbow for beginners and and it is among the most-used crossbows in archery courses for beginners.

This Horton Eagle crossbow is lightweight and smaller than the average crossbows, which makes beginners and children can use it comfortably. With just 25 lbs of draw weight and 127 fps of velocity, learning crossbow hunting will become a fun experience for your children.

 Key Features

  • The limb construction is quite lightweight, which is good for beginner archers
  • – It comes with 25 lbs of draw weight, which is around 140 lbs lighter than the average crossbows.
  • – It has advanced built-in energy wheels that help your children to cock the device easily.
  • – It has forearm, grip and stock that are specifically designed for youths.
  • – It has fiber optic peep and pin sight

What I liked

There are many factors why the Horton Eagle Crossbow should be the best crossbow for hunting you give to your children. First of all, the low poundage limb construction makes this crossbow lightweight, which is good for beginners. The good thing is that although it is lightweight, it can generate enough power, up to 127 fps. This velocity is enough for small games such as rabbit, fish and bird hunting.

You may think that the 25 lbs of draw weight of this crossbow will make it to have low accuracy. However, based on tests and reviews from other users, this Horton Eagle Crossbow shows that it has a good level of accuracy for crossbow in its class.

The peep and pin sight comes with Dial-A-Range technology to help beginner users to easily adjust their target in different ranges.

Price is another factor that makes the Horton Eagle crossbow and Barnett Quad 400 crossbow worth to buy. You only have to spend around $250 to $300 to get this crossbow. You’ll also get fiber optic peen and pin sight, 3 practice points, hip quiver, 3 arrows, and eagle bow in the package. With all these complete equipments, children would get the most enjoyment to master the basic of crossbow hunting.

What I didn’t like

It is hard to find any flaw with the Horton  Eagle crossbow since the features and performance are all great for beginners. Perhaps the only complaint that I have is the bright green color. The dark green is a better color to represent crossbow hunting. Well, since this Horton Eagle crossbow is intended for beginners and children, I believe that the bright green color is still suitable because children are more interested with bright colors.

 Overall Thoughts

Archery is not just for adults but children also deserve a chance to experience it. This Horton Eagle crossbow is the right choice if you want to introduce archery or crossbow hunting to your children. The Horton Eagle crossbow is safe, powerful and affordable, and it will make learning crossbow hunting more convenient for your children.

Writen by Monica

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