How to Buy a Longboard Skate

A longboard skate is a type of skateboard where the board is not only longer, but also wider. Typically, if a skateboard is more than 40 inches in length, it is considered a longboard. Such skateboards have softer wheels and flexible board, so that people can enjoy skating downhill or cruising. Longboard is usually used as transportation and for riding, but if the skater is experienced, it can be used for skateboard tricks and stunts. If you are looking to buy a longboard skate, keep the following points in mind while shopping:

Determine the purpose of using the longboard skate. You can use the skateboard for going to work or school. In which case, it should have a large board and soft wheels when compared to the longboard skate that seasoned skaters use for tricks.


How to Buy a Longboard Skate

Weigh yourself before heading to the store to buy a longboard skate. If you are heavy, do not opt for a very flexible board, as it will bend and touch the ground and pose problems during the ride. The board should be able to support your weight and also be flexible enough to ensure that even on the bumpiest ride you carry on smoothly.

Check out the all the available lengths and weigh their pros and cons. If the longboard skate is about 40 inches in length, it will turn more slowly compared to a smaller board, but will ensure that it is comfortable while commuting. Tricks are better performed on longboard skates that are 50 inches and above.

Decide on a deck size that is comfortable. Longboard come in varying lengths, but the rule of the thumb is to buy a longboard length that comes up to your waist. When selecting a deck size, choose a longboard that you can carry with ease.

How to Buy a Longboard Skate

Select a shape that is streamlined, so that no resistance is created while skating. This way you will be able to skate fast. However, the shape of a longboard skate can vary based on the type of skating a person wants to indulge in.

Decide on the wheels carefully. Make sure that the wheels are specially constructed for longboard skating. Usually, the wheels should be big in size and also soft. It is recommended that you opt for a longboard skate that has soft wheels, about 65mm to 70mm, for the best longboard skating experience.

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